Reading Rules

Perhaps rules is too harsh of a word.

That being said I have two simple rules when it comes to reading

1. No dogs. I do not read books about dogs. I do not care if it’s a happy book about dogs. No dogs. The dog always dies. Each and every time! No matter what! Even if it lives to a ripe old age of 150 in dog years. After the book, I am left in a puddle of tissues, red faced balling my eyes out and unable to sleep. No dogs ever. Or cats or elephants or ducks or tigers for that matter. Just no animals.

2. I stop reading if I don’t like the book after the 2nd chapter. I’ve been told this is one wasteful and two what if it gets better. It won’t. It rarely does. It must be noted that there is a difference between a slow start and just bad writing. A slow start I can handle. Bad writing is a no go.

2.5 Ok maybe I have three… we will just go with 2.5. I rarely read books about war or soldiers. Just not my jam nor my cup of tea.

Do other people have reading rules when it comes to picking out books?


7 thoughts on “Reading Rules”

  1. I think it’s more about preferences than actual rules, haha.

    My biggest one is “no actual real people on the cover”. That puts me off sooo fast.
    I don’t really mind slow starts and I set myself the rule – okay, maybe rules do fit – that I have to read 100 pages before DNF’ing a book. I have to admit that it’s helped tons. So often when I would’ve quit a book before, it has picked up by the 100 pages mark and I don’t even think about DNF’ing it anymore.
    I also loathe books that start with “In 1934”. I don’t like history, probably never will. A blurb like that equals me putting it back on the shelf immediately and moving on to the next interesting-looking book.


      1. I honestly struggled with it at first as well, until I noticed how many books had picked up by then and how I wanted to DNF fewer and fewer books if I followed that rule. It’s a personal thing, really. I feel comfortable doing it like that while someone else will feel best doing it another way, haha.


  2. I always finish a book I have started. It is extremely frustrating, and at times drags on forever but I just don’t feel good leaving it unfinished. Oh, and no Romance for me. Don’t know why. I love war books, though. 😛


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