Books made into TV Shows

I have a confusion to make…
One that is often not a popular opinion in the library world (at least in mine). I love when books become TV shows. I get where people and my fellow librarians are coming from when they say “BUT THEY RUIN THE BOOK.” Sometimes the TV show is different than the book. Sometimes the TV SHOW is wayyyyy different than the book. Sometimes the TV show sucks.
But when it does go right, and people who are typically not readers might just decide to pick up the book and maybe even try to find books that are similar to those books. I see it as a significant win. You cannot make people read. You can try, but trust me when I say it may or may not work. I date someone who get this has read a single book for every year we have been together. AN ENTIRE THREE BOOKS! Yup, that’s it. Three. I, a librarian who reads at least 65 books a year (on a slow one at that) dates someone who reads a single book a year.

Why then do I love TV shows that are from books?
TV shows can motivate people to read books! The book becomes less of a scary item and more of something familiar. Something that lets you become a real fan!

Here are my favorite TV SHOW BOOK COMBOS:

What are your favorite TV/Book Combos?




Reading Rules

Perhaps rules is too harsh of a word.

That being said I have two simple rules when it comes to reading

1. No dogs. I do not read books about dogs. I do not care if it’s a happy book about dogs. No dogs. The dog always dies. Each and every time! No matter what! Even if it lives to a ripe old age of 150 in dog years. After the book, I am left in a puddle of tissues, red faced balling my eyes out and unable to sleep. No dogs ever. Or cats or elephants or ducks or tigers for that matter. Just no animals.

2. I stop reading if I don’t like the book after the 2nd chapter. I’ve been told this is one wasteful and two what if it gets better. It won’t. It rarely does. It must be noted that there is a difference between a slow start and just bad writing. A slow start I can handle. Bad writing is a no go.

2.5 Ok maybe I have three… we will just go with 2.5. I rarely read books about war or soldiers. Just not my jam nor my cup of tea.

Do other people have reading rules when it comes to picking out books?

Monday Review – Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover

Am I allowed to say I am pretty sure this will be one of the best memoirs I will read for 2018?  I am going to go ahead and say YES!

41ugxbwa6ql-_sx329_bo1204203200_Educated by Tara Westover sucks you in from the first chapter.  Each chapter is written more in the style of a short story, which added to the appeal of the book.  Too often memoirs are dry, dull and collect dust on your bedside table (or are hidden in the back of my Kindle library in my case) – I won’t name names and just leave it at that.

Tara Westover literally does not set foot into a classroom until her first day of college.  How she managed to get to college is what make her story even the more interesting. Westover grew up the youngest of seven kids in family of Mormon survivalists.  Survivalists that are determined to be prepared for the End of the World by collecting weapons, fuel and food. As you can imagine this only leads to some problems.  Westover did not get a birth certificate until her 9th birthday or a see a doctor, because her father didn’t believe in them. And worked in her family’s junkyard at an age that was in no way legal or safe.  

I read this book in a day and not because it was easy!  I literally could not put it down! If have this book start now and if you don’t I would say its a total BUY IT book for your own personal collection.  


Source: E-ARC from NetGalley on Random House Publishing Group – If I don’t like it trust me I have no problem saying it